Chukde Spices Jeera Sabut/cumin seeds, 200G


Chukde Advantages

– Chukde Sabut Jeera passes through a unique 4
-Stage Cleaning Process to remove the obnoxious weed that often grows along with it, along with other unwanted elements such as dust and mud particles. It is passed through Rare Earth Magnets, Cleaning Machines that remove stones and is also sorted on basis of colour to give you only the best and the safest.
– Chukde Sabut Jeera has a high natural oil content. We clean and sort our spices without losing out on their natural oil content, giving you authentic spices with their full potential.
– Chukde Sabut Jeera offers large-sized Cumin Seeds obtained after rigorous cleaning and filtration process.
– All our Spices pass through ETO Sterilization before being packaged and sold.